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Can Anthem, the insurance giant famous for the for-profit Blues, "reconceive Medicaid as a care-delivery model rather than as an insurance program"? MORE
Are exchange insurers failing to adequately cover mandated tobacco cessation at no cost-sharing, or just not explicitly highlighting the benefits? MORE
Across the Mississippi River from a bankrupt cousin, a Midwestern cooperative insurer is entering year two with a sizable membership that will test its model of partnering with hospitals. MORE
Health insurers in New Jersey are complaining of a cost crisis arising from regulations meant to protect patients receiving emergency healthcare and involuntary out-of-network treatment. MORE
America's largest insurer is looking for all the scale it can get in the war for affordable medicines. MORE
There is a fair amount of hope for private health insurance exchanges in the commercial group market, but a pure defined contribution option will actually require a quite disruptive change. MORE
After the Affordable Care Act, Mississippi became the only state in the union where the percentage of uninsured residents has gone up, not down. MORE
American employers are spending more on wellness programs than ever, but also backing away from penalties, as consumers respond with skepticism and researchers keep probing ROI evidence. MORE
Cigna is looking for business in younger, yet-to-retire baby boomers in California, anticipating the benefits of streamlining the path from group health plan to Medicare Advantage. MORE
Amid a possible bipartisan break in the clouds of Congress, insurance advocates see a window for changing or even repealing the much-loathed health insurance tax in the Affordable Care Act. MORE
Staring down the sometimes troubled and opaque past of medical devices, and upward trend in spending, one national insurer is trying to build momentum for a universal way to compare and track outcomes. MORE
This tax season, for the first time since the health law passed five years ago, consumers are facing its financial consequences. The worst may be yet to come. MORE
Silicon Valley is coming for the employer sponsored health insurance business, trying to raise the bar on group health benefits and "democratize" self-funding. MORE
The state that put itself on the vanguard of health reform only to struggle under the weight of its own ambition is now has an ultimatum for fixing its public insurance exchange. MORE
The retail health chain that could have helped reprise Humana's historic roots turned out to be a good lesson in the evolving convenient healthcare space, plus it brought a tidy profit. MORE
Amid a ballooning deficit, policymakers in Delaware are scrapping a proposal to introduce more cost sharing for state employees, a decision that may come back to bite when the Cadillac Tax arrives. MORE
Another cooperative insurer is boasting about low premiums attracting droves of new exchange members, raising questions about long-term viability in the wake of CoOportunity's liquidation. MORE
Highmark is expanding a low-cost approach to colon cancer screening that could help increase early detection while also avoiding the discomfort of invasive scoping and high treatment costs. MORE
Insurers in New York are agreeing to reform their policies for behavioral healthcare treatment and rehabilitation coverage, after an "unprecedented enforcement effort of mental health parity laws." MORE
It's turning out to be a problematic year for health insurance IT management. Another Blue Cross insurer company has been hacked, and this time it seems that subscriber medical information was exposed. MORE
Facing scrutiny over executive compensation, reserves and premiums, California's third largest insurer is under pressure to justify its state tax exemption, and state finance authorities wants to start collecting. MORE
In a new customer experience survey, health insurers are just above the bottom, perhaps in part because the nature of the service and the industry's legacy. But some still came ahead with positive reviews. MORE
A total of 16.4 million non-elderly adults have gained health insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act became law five years ago this month, a "historic" reduction in the number of uninsured. MORE
The nation's largest insurer may be setting a precedent with restrictions on a risky, though recently popular approach to the most common gynecological surgical procedure. MORE
Following the nation's changing demographics at the local level in some major markets, Humana is making a small investment in more convenient service for Hispanic and Latino members. MORE
Some state health insurance markets are in for another exodus of pre-health reform plans, as regulators pursue stability on and off the public exchanges. MORE
Despite a proliferation of digital health companies, payers, providers and patients have many unmet needs. The Pacific Northwest's oldest insurer is trying to help find new ideas, outside the industry. MORE
With two-thirds of Massachusetts healthcare still paid via fee-for-service, the state's largest insurer wants to ply its HMO-grown variety of accountable care in PPOs. It's sure to challenge providers. MORE
Too many consumers have learned the hard way that their credit rating can be tarnished by medical bills they may not owe or when disputes delay insurer payment. MORE
The company that defined health insurance e-commerce is struggling in the new market, despite an attempt to sell subsidized health plans, and is now looking to Medicare. MORE
The Department of Health and Human Services is being urged to add another qualifying event to the list of ways people can buy an exchange plan in a "special enrollment period." MORE
Health insurers and American consumers might be spending more than ever for prescription drugs, but there are also more choices and more information to find value in a sea of volume. MORE
Pennsylvania's smaller Blue-licensed insurer is boasting of some notable results in its accountable care arrangements and is looking to bring similar contracts to small primary care practices. MORE
After $300 million, thousands of hours of labor and a few lost government careers, one of the biggest disappointments in progressive health policy has reached the end of the road. MORE
The nation's second largest insurer is taking some flak for declining a second opinion on its information technology security. MORE
Starting next year, health insurers have to give Americans in Medicare Advantage plans and federal exchange policies up-to-date details about which doctors are in their plans and taking new patients. MORE
An increasingly popular strategy in drug plan affordability is again coming under scrutiny from Medicare regulators concerned that some urban seniors are being left out. MORE
Health insurers and patients could get a bit of relief after years of paying more and more for biologic speciality pharmaceuticals, but some think there are still barriers to affordability. MORE
One of the Bay Area's most popular health systems is expanding its new health plan, trying to craft a unique value proposition in changing times and picking up some notable clients along the way.  MORE
The nation's fourth largest insurer is calling on the leader of its flagship plan to manage technology and services across its regions, while ushering in a new president at the 7 million member company. MORE
After transitioning from tax-exempt nonprofit to a tax-paying, mutually-owned company, Michigan's largest health insurer is in pretty good financial health. MORE
Over the past decade, states have slashed workers' compensation benefits, denying injured workers help when they need it most and shifting the costs of workplace accidents to taxpayers. MORE
Middle-age American men have been aggressively marketed treatments for low testosterone, despite risks and skepticism about benefits. Now insurers have another reason to strictly control coverage. MORE
In the state with the highest per-capita healthcare spending, most of the mainstay insurers spent the last year struggling to harvest operating income. MORE
One of the largest Blue Cross insurers in the American South has taken its first loss in 15 years, showing the challenges of the two main growth areas, ACA plans and Medicare Advantage. MORE
Health insurers treading in legacy business processes are turning to contractors for help ply the new waters of reform, fueling an $8 billion market of its own. MORE
In the guessing game and investigations of the attack on Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, one early hypothesis blamed eastern European cyber mafia. Now, new evidence points further east. MORE
For the state that pioneered the public insurance exchange only to see dysfunction during the first ACA open enrollment, there are still many miles to go. MORE
Trying to recover $120 million, the nation's third largest insurer is fighting back against an alleged scheme of kickbacks, out-of-network billing and the marketing of supposedly luxurious healthcare. MORE
The Internal Revenue has released temporary regulations and proposals for the health "9010" insurance fees required by the Affordable Care Act. MORE

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